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Welcome to the DCAC website where we aim to give visitors an insight into our club, it's history and the waters that we care for on behalf of our members. Please have a look, if you are interested, get in touch, we are always happy to help.

All the waters below are available to full members.

  • River Dove at Wolfscote Dale: A small trout and grayling stream on the upper  River Dove

  • River Dove at Mayfield: A small trout and grayling stream on the upper River Dove.

  • Henmore Brook: A small brook adjoining the River Dove, trout and grayling                                                      fishing small stream style.

  • River Dove at Doveridge: A medium size river with lots of trout and grayling and                                                  the occasional coarse fish.

  • River Derwent at Willersley: Under review

  • River Manifold: A small stream fishery with trout and grayling, we have a few miles

     of the Manifold so roaming is a good way to fish.

  • River South Esk at Brechin in Scotland: Salmon and Sea Trout fishing, free for members but guests will have to pay.

  • River Derwent at Matlock, Allestree, Borrowash and Sawley: Mixed fishing.

  • Conygre and Widgeon lakes at Hoveringham: Rainbow trout fishing on our own stocked lakes.

  • Hoon Hay lake at Hatton: Rainbow trout fishing on our own stocked lake.

  • Sutton and Tiln lakes at Retford: Rainbow trout fishing on our own stocked lakes.

  • Ogston Reservoir at Clay Cross: Rainbow and Brown trout fishing on our 200 acre stocked reservoir.

  • Willington complex: Trout fishing on our stocked lake, Carp (up to 30lbs) and general coarse fishing on our 20 acre coarse lake and river fishing on the River Trent.

Full members also benefit from arrangements we have with large reservoirs:

These include;

Members can fish each water up to 15 times per season on each reservoir, boat tickets are not included.
6 guest tickets per season are included in your membership.

All the waters below are available to Standard Coarse members and Full members.
Derbyshire County AC has a Coarse Fishing Specific Offering, all of which are                                                            also available to the Full Membership Offering (which has even more waters

to fish).

  • River Derwent: Borrowash to Wilne (5 miles); 4 parking areas and good

     fishing with 5-10 minutes walk of each parking area.

  • River Derwent: Darley Dale, ½ mile.

  • River Trent: Drs Surgery Willington; ½ Mile: park at peg. Derbyshire                                                        County Angling Club Coarse Fishing

  • River Trent: Willington Finger Lake Stretch; ¼ mile; park at peg

  • River Trent: Hoveringham; 500 yards. 

  • River idle: Hallcroft; Retford downstream for 3 miles.

  • Chesterfield Canal: Babworth to Worksop (4 miles).

  • Woodsetts Pond: Near Worksop (mixed coarse fishery); park on site.

  • Finger Lake (Willington site); mixed coarse fishery under development;

  • park on site.Some really splendid fish, including specimen barbel, bream, perch, pike and chub are caught each year on club waters.

  • Please download our current Coarse Application form for up to date ticket costs.

  • The 2 waters highlighted yellow can be fished on a specific ticket.

Derbyshire County Angling Club.
Game, Fly and Coarse Fishing on lakes and rivers.
Take a look around, we have coarse fishing waters, mixed fishing waters and fly fishing waters, to suit every angler,  fishing news and articles, fly-tying video tutorials and a YouTube channel.
You can get in touch using our CONTACT FORM or apply using our application forms:


Full members application form.


Coarse members application form.

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